If You Hate Your Neighbhorhood, You’ll Never Love Your House. Here’s How To Avoid Making The Common Mistake Of Buying a House In The Wrong Zip Code

UnknownHow do you choose the right neighborhood to buy a house in? What is considered the 'right' neighborhood? When you buy a house, note that you are also buying the location. There's no point in having your dream home if it sits in the middle of the projects. You must think about your lifestyle. Do you have kids? If so, you don't want to live in an area where they would be in danger. Also, if you live in a dangerous area, this means that the schools you'd want to send your children to are likely not in close proximity to that house.

Also, you'd probably want to live near parks so that your children could play. Do you really want to take your child to the local park where drug deals are happening right and left? No. You'll want to probably be in a more suburban area where there are real community centers with lots of other children and parents.

Think also about what type of home that you think you'll want. Do you want a condominium, and actual house, or a town home? There are so many different types, and what you choose is certain to affect your lifestyle.  Are you willing to sacrifice living in the suburbs for a longer commute to work, in the city? One of the biggest home buying regrets that homeowners mention is seriously underestimating how big of a deal commute time really is. images-3

Also figure out what architectural style you want your house to be. If you want an older home, do you have the money to fund a fixer-upper? Is it important to you that restaurants, nightlife, and coffee shops be near you? If you're young, and single, you probably don't want to buy a house way out in the suburbs. You'll want to be closer to the city where things are happening, and you can meet new people to hang out with. On the other hand, if you're older, living near the bars and nightlife will probably not be very attractive to you. If you have children, think about the schools in the area.

vecindarioMost real estate sites have an abundance of statistical data that will tell you how the area's crime compares to that national average, so that you can see if the home is really in an unsafe area or not. Remember, no area is going to have a squeaky clean crime report history.

2 thoughts on “If You Hate Your Neighbhorhood, You’ll Never Love Your House. Here’s How To Avoid Making The Common Mistake Of Buying a House In The Wrong Zip Code

  1. Eric

    I feel like sometimes you can't avoid buying a house in a bad neighborhood? I don't mean a BAD neighborhood, but a less-than-spectacular one..

    1. Ruth Jones

      Post author

      Hi Eric! Very true. Not everyone can afford to live on millionaire's row. However, there can always be a happy-medium. You should never buy a house that you don't feel safe walking out of the front door in. Especially if you have children! Always look online at the crime statistics. Even if a neighborhood "looks" safe, it doesn't mean it is necessarily so..


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